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Jimalalud Online Forum is a portal of all articles (well, not really all) related to Jimalalud, its people and institutions. It is our hope that this will serve as promotion for the town’s cultures, boards for the small businesses and avenue for Jimalaludnons around the globe.

Jimalalud Online Forum is no way connected to the Local Government of Jimalalud. This weblog is maintained and managed by private individuals with no vested interest in various entities in the municipality. This is created solely for recreational purpose only. The author(s) and administrator(s) do not guarantee completeness and/or correctness of all the information, figures and important phrases.

Comments & Opinion

Published opinions posted in the forum section including those comments in all articles and pages does not necessary represent and reflect the whole community. In keeping then the rights and freedom of expression and speech, the forum section is open and not moderated.

Please post your ideas with consideration and modesty. No sexually explicit language and profanity are allowed, including but not limited to links containing content for adults only and instructions on how to break the law, ordinances and other rules, regulations and circulations. No one should post personal information such as complete address, bank accounts, among other important details.

Ninoy Aquino Bust @ Jimalalud Municipal Hall Ground
Jimalalud: Negros Oriental's Little Big Town
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Some of the images and articles posted herein are collected from various sources in the internet, books, periodicals, and other media forms. Footers are provided to acknowledge the source(s) & reference(s). All logos, trademarks and markings are copyright to their respective owner. No copyright infringement intended. If you own the rights to these materials and wish for the removal thereof and/or further acknowledgement, please visit Contact Us section or email us at jimalaludonlineforum(a)

For the purpose of implementing unified footer notes, source and reference are define differently. Source is used when the whole post, paragraph(s) or sentence(s) are copied word-for-word from a portal indicated after the post or page. Reference, on the other hand is used when the information and other important figures and details are compiled from various sites.

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