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Map of Negros Oriental showing
the location of Jimalalud
Jimalalud (ZIP Code: 6212), known as Little Big Town, is a 4th class, partially urban municipality in the 1st district of  Negros Oriental, Philippines. To its north is La Libertad, Tayasan to the south, Negros Occidental to its west and Tanon Strait to its east. Jimalalud has a land area of 139,500,00 square meters (139.50 square kilometers) stretching from the Tañon Strait to the mountainous boundary of Banalbagan, Negros Occidental.

It has a population of 29,044 people according to the 2010 census, grows to 33,018 as of 2011 in 5,804 households of the 28 barangays. 

Jimalalud was founded in 1797 as part of Tayasan and in 1910, became a separate municipality.

The 2011 Internal Revenue Allotment Share for the municipality is Php 52,187,176.00 giving a total of Php 54,919,537.66 LGU Income including the Php 2,703,887.64 Local Sourced Revenues and the Php 28,474.02 other revenues. In 2012, the IRA share of Jimalalud is Php 50,612,546.00.

Barangay (Population as of May 2012, NSCB)
Jimalalud is politically subdivided into 28 barangays.
  • Aglahug (Rural/711)                                                
  • Agutayon (Rural/501)                            
  • Ampanangon (Rural/1,643)
  • Bae (Rural/884)
  • Bala-as (Rural/460)
  • Bangcal (Rural/1,023)
  • Banog (Rural/826)
  • Buto (Rural/771)
  • Cabang (Rural/417)
  • Camandayon (Rural/700)
  • Cangharay (Rural/959)
  • Canlahao (Rural/424)
  • Dayoyo (Rural/1,550)
  • Eli (Rural/1,360)
  • Lacaon (Rural/1,184)
  • Mahanlud (Rural/700)
  • Malabago (Rural/472)
  • Mambaid (Rural/735)
  • Mongpong (Rural/800)
  • Owacan (Rural/1,315)
  • Pacuan (Rural/1,652)
  • Panglaya-an (Rural/1,012)
  • North Poblacion (Urban/1,290)
  • South Poblacion (Urban/1,906)
  • Polopantao (Rural/1,120)
  • Sampiniton (Rural/1,392)
  • Talamban (Rural/773)
  • Tamao (Rural/1,148)

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