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Official Seal of the Municipality of Jimalalud
Photo and article courtesy of Philippine Travel Notes
The little big town. That’s how they call their town. I did not get to know what they say they are big for or what they are little for. I liked being in this happy town anyway. Maybe it was the time of day (a cloudy 2:30PM) or day of the week (Friday) such that surprisingly, everywhere I went, people in this town seemed to be jollier than anywhere else in the province I have visited. Any face I looked at, there was a smile. Even when they themselves conversed with each other, and I pretended not to be eavesdropping, people in this town were just really animatedly happier. Some would even wave at me with a smile as they or I passed by.

Tongue twister again?! Ah this one is easier! The town’s name is pronounced in 4 syllables, ‘Ji’ is pronounced like the English word ‘he’ or the ‘hi’ in Himalaya. Remember that! The ‘ma’ is pronounced as you would call your mom. Then ‘la’ is also pronounced as is, like when you sing ‘la la la la la’. And the ‘lud’ is pronounced like a quick ‘lood’. It sounds like the ‘lud’ in ‘ludicrous’ and not in ‘lewd’. Easy, right? So, its “ji-ma-la-lud” pronounced in the speed and accent as you would say ‘Himalaya’ – reminding you that the ‘la’ is pronounced like ‘luh’ instead of ‘lay’ even itself in the word ‘Himalaya’! Okay?! Now the folks from Jimalalud call themselves Jimalaludnon, and that’s when my tongue starts to tangle hehe!

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People | His Excellency Most Rev. Archbishop Onesimo Cadiz Gordoncillo, D.D., Archbishop-Emeritus of Capiz

Most Rev. Archbishop Onesimo C.
Gordoncillo. Photo frm CBCP News.
Born in Jimalalud, Negros Oriental, Philippines on February 16, 1935. He was ordained priest of Dumaguete City in Dumaguete Cathedral on March 18, 1961 and was appointed auxiliary bishop of Dumaguete and titular bishop of Gunugus on March 14, 1974. He was appointed bishop of Tagbilaran two months after he was ordained titular bishop of Gunugus in 1976. He was appointed archbishop of Capiz on June 18, 1986 and was installed as its archbishop on August 27, 1986. He was a professor at the St. Joseph Seminary in Dumaguete City and later became its rector.

He graduated from Jimalalud Central School and Sacred Heart Seminary in 1949 and 1954 respectively. He took his PhB, PhL, STB, STL from University of Sto. Tomas Central Seminary in Manila from 1954 to 1961 and his MA Guidance and Counselling at Mankato State University in Minnesota, USA in 1965.

He is a co-founder of Bohol Diocesan Multi-Purpose Cooperative .  A member of the CBCP Permanent Council and Episcopal Commission on Liturgy.


1961-1964:Professor, St. Joseph Seminary, Dumaguete City
:Parish Assistant, Dumaguete Cathedral Parish
1966-1969:Rector, St. Joseph Seminary, Dumaguete City
1969-1972:Parish Priest, Dauin, Negros Oriental
1971:Chancellor, Dumaguete Chancery Office
1972-1976:Parish Priest, Dumaguete Cathedral Parish
1974-1976:Auxiliary Bishop, Dumaguete Diocese
1976-1986:Bishop, Tagbilaran Diocese
1986-2010:Archbishop, Capiz Archdiocese
1991-1995:Member, CBCP Permanent Council Regional Representative for West Visayas
1991- 2001:Chairman, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Liturgy
2001-2005:Member, CBCP Permanent Council Regional Representative for West Visayas
2003-2007:Member, CBCP Episcopal Commission on the Doctrine of the Faith (ECDF)
2003-2007:Vice-Chairman, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Liturgy
2007-2011:Member, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Mission
2011-2013:Member, CBCP Episcopal Commission on Doctrine of the Faith (ECDF)

Friday, June 7, 2013
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RA No. 8396: An act establishing Jimalalud National High School (JNHS) in the Municipality of Jimalalud

Official Seal of Jimalalud National High School
Third Regular Session 
H.B. No. 2631



Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in Congress assembled:

Section 1. There is hereby established a national high school in the Municipality of Jimalalud, Negros Oriental, to be known as the Jimalalud National High School.

Section 2. The Secretary of Education, Culture and Sports shall issue such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the purpose of this Act.

Section 3. The amount necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act shall be included in the General Appropriations Act of the year following its enactment into law and thereafter.

Section 4. This Act shall take effect upon its approval.

Lapsed into law on November 22, 1997 without the President's signature, pursuant to Sec. 27(1), Article VI of the Constitution.

Office & Unit Heads of the Local Government of Jimalalud


Office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian
Secretary to the Sanggunian
Treasurer's Office
Assessor's Office
Accounting Office
Budget Office
Budget Officer
Planning and Development Office
Planning and Development Coordinator
Engineer's Office
Health Office
Health Officer
Office of the Civil Registry
Civil Registrar
Darwin Magos
Office of the Administrator
Office of the Legal Services
Legal Officer
Office of Agricultural Services/Office of the Agriculturist
Social Welfare and Development Office
Social Welfare and Development Officer
Environment and Natural Resources Office
Environment and Natural Resources Officer
Office of Architectural Planning and Design

Office of Public Information
Information Officer
Population Office
Population Officer
Veterinary Office
General Services Office
General Services Officer

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Event | Hambabalud Festival

Jimalalud's Hambabalud Festival
Photo Courtesy of The HYIP Bulletins
Celebrated every 13th day of January, the Sinulog de Jimalalud, known today as Hambalalud Festival is the most contested event in celebration of the town's fiesta and unending blessings & generosity of the Holy Child, Sr. Sto Niño.

The Hambabalud Festival, the most awaited event each year, derives its name from the town’s most treasured trees, Hambabalud, which are believed to be the realm of the enchanted guardian of the trees, the mountain nymph they called, Diwata.  To counteract the evils unleashed, the local folks seek the intercession of their patron, the Holy Child.(r/s)

The Hambabalud tree has become the symbol of God’s natural gift to the inhabitants, a part and parcel of the lives of the Jimalaludnons which they celebrate in the festival.(r/s)

Hambabalud Festival, a participant of the annual Buglasan Festival, wins several major awards in different category in the last few years and it has participated in several regional events in Central Visayas.

Ms. Jimalalud, Horse Fighting, and Balak, Balitaw & Harana are among the few competitions during the three-day celebretation of the town's annual fiesta.


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